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We hope that you enjoy the programme and that you make the most of it and the support we’ll provide you to develop as a risk facilitator. Our experience has been that those who put the most in to virtual programmes get the most out.

The Programme
Here’s what the modules cover:

How much risk can you tolerate? This module starts at the very beginning of the risk management process: understanding just how much risk the organisation or project can cope with. Too often this step is missed out and you’ll learn why this can cause so many problems later on. We’ll look at working with diverse people and how to draw them to consensus, gaining support for your work across the board.

What’s risky and why? Here we look at how we can identify risks, exploring the complexities that often confuse people in risk workshops. You’ll learn how to describe risks in a very clear way that makes the rest of the process flow much more easily. We’ll
explore how to deal with large amounts of data without swamping people and different ways you can ensure that your risk workshops are highly engaging. Unfortunately the norm for risk workshops is dry and tedious, as we see in many businesses today.

How much does each risk matter? In this module, we take the next step along the process, looking at the most effective ways to gather probability and impact. We’ll uncover the huge trap that 99% of people fall into, sabotaging their risk management
work. Here, we’ll also consider the potential biases created by human influences and look at how to deal with conflict that arises, and even use it to transform your group’s effectiveness.

How risky is this situation? This step in the risk management process normally doesn’t happen. People don’t consider the whole situation. They just plough onwards and may miss out on things that could severely affect their whole organisation. In this module, we’ll ensure that you understand how to look at the riskiness of a situation as a whole and to
take steps to ensure that this is managed well.

Responding wisely – what action shall we take? We find that people often flag by the time it comes to taking action. This is where engaging people, and yourself, in the task can make a huge difference. In this module, we’ll explore how to make sure that you are in the best possible state to engage others as well as the best ways to come up with actions that will stick.

Keeping it alive is something that most organisations struggle with. When those responsible for risk are spread around the world, this can become even more difficult. In this module, we’ll cover how you can keep people engaged and interested in your risk
management process, even after the risk register is established and you have actions in place. This will allow you to keep your organisation ready and prepared, whatever changes lie ahead, even if you need to work virtually.

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