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Thank you for signing up for Module 1 of our Virtual Risk Facilitation Programme.

A real person will now go and set you up a login to our virtual learning environment and soon you’ll be able to find out all about what makes great risk facilitation. You’ll receive your login details via e-mail within 24 hours. We’d encourage you to go in and set up your profile, read the news and introduce yourself in the forum once you can log in.

The programme begins on 17th September and you’ll be able to access the full set of Module 1 videos, documents and questions from that date.

We trust that you will enjoy this taster of our programme and find it useful. While you have access to Module 1 by signing up, the rest of the programme continues from September through to December with Modules 2-7. We’ll e-mail you details of these right now and also more about how you can pay for the rest of the modules. (Here’s the link if you’d like to invest in the whole programme right now)

If you have any queries about the programme or would like help with anything, please contact Penny at +44 (0)1509 821691. If she’s not available, her receptionist will take your message and Penny will get back in touch within 24 hours.

All the best and look out for an e-mail from Ruth with your login details.