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The benefit of starting with objectives

by Ruth on 31st January 2014

As you’ll see from our book and other work – the first and most essential part of any risk management process is to work out ‘how much risk you can tolerate’. And to do this you need to be really clear about objectives – what matters? – what is at risk? This may sound really […]


Risk Summit – it’s coming very soon

by Ruth on 2nd June 2011

To help people understand more about our work on facilitating risk management, we’re organising a virtual risk summit that will happen in w/c 11th July 2011. We are currently building a special website to explain all about it, and you’ll be able to sign-up (for free) AND get 35% off the price of our book […]


I wanted to share with you the experience of a major pharma company and the way they have embraced risk management as a ‘way of life’ is their organisation.  Sounds like a distant dream I bet to some of you reading this – but in fact they made it look quite easy.  The logic is […]


How can I get help to make risk management work?

by Ruth on 3rd September 2010

Penny and I, and our friend Vanessa Randle who is illustrating our forthcoming book, met today to push towards the finish line with our writing.  We knew that facilitation skills were essential to make risk management work before we started writing – but in pulling together our expertise and our practical examples, and the many […]