The authors, Penny Pullan and Ruth Murray-Webster, started to work together in the spring of 2009. We realised very quickly that combining our skills and experience would give a unique view on what makes risk work. Within a very short space of time, we were working with clients to improve their management of risk. By late 2009, our proposal for a book was accepted by Gower and ‘A Short Guide to Facilitating Risk Management’ came out in 2011. Now Ruth is employed by a leading global consultancy as Director of their Risk Practice. Penny still works companies and individuals all over the world to support them as they facilitate risk management in their organisations.

Here is a bit more about the two of us:

Penny Pullan
Dr Penny Pullan is Director of Making Projects Work Ltd. Penny is a highly-qualified project manager, facilitator and trainer, with a broad experience both inside multinational companies and as an external consultant. Penny is experienced in facilitating risk workshops and equipping others to do so. She co-edited the book ‘Business Analysis and Leadership: Influencing change’ published by Kogan Page in 2013 and contributed to ‘The Gower Handbook of People in Project Management’ published by Gower in 2013. Her latest book is ‘Virtual Leadership: Practical Strategies for Getting the Best out of Virtual Work and Virtual Teams’.

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Dr Ruth Murray-Webster is a highly-qualified and respected business consultant, with broad experience in managing organisational change in a cross-cultural context and across a wide range of sectors, and a particular interest in the human aspects of effective change management. She is co-author of three other Gower books, Understanding and Managing Risk Attitude (2007), Managing Group Risk Attitude (2008) and A Short Guide to Risk Appetite (2012), all with Dr David Hilson.