We’re in the Cutter IT Journal’s Risk Special

by Penny on 7th September 2012

Over the summer, the Cutter Consortium published an edition of their IT Journal focused on fixing Enterprise Risk Management, ‘Fixing ERM: From IT Security to Human Behavior’.

Ruth and I were delighted to contribute a piece on how we feel that risk facilitation is a key part of the solution in making risk management work.

Here’s more, along with a full list of contributors and the titles of their papers:

In this issue of Cutter IT Journal, with Guest Editors Robert Charette and Brian Hagen, the consensus seems to be that many of the practices, processes, and techniques underpinning ERM continue to exhibit major flaws. These flaws, however, can be fixed to improve the effectiveness of ERM. That said, the fixes recommended will require major, sustained effort and so should not be viewed as easy undertakings. Find out how ERM can be implemented in your organization with a little diligence!

Opening Statement by Robert Charette and Brian Hagen

IT Security: A Bottom-Up Approach to ERM by John Markott, Ken Farmer, Mike Rowling, Michael Hughes

Possibility-Based ERM by Jongwoo Kim, Carl Stucke, Richard L. Baskerville

ERM: The Next Generation by Jason L. Stradley

Enterprise Risk Management: There’s a Human Side, Too by Paul Clermont

Risk Management: Could Risk Facilitation Be the Missing Link? by Penny Pullan, Ruth Murray-Webster

The Fallacies of Modern Project Risk Management: A Process Worth Disengaging From? by Elmar Kutsch, John Ward

As you read our blog, you can download a copy of the whole journal here. Please note that you’ll have to give your contact details to Cutter Consortium to gain access to the journal.

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