Developing excellent risk facilitators

by Penny on 29th August 2012

Ruth and I (Penny) have an exciting challenge ahead this autumn.

We’re about to launch a group programme to support those who need to facilitate risk in their organisations.

We’re building on the successful Risk Facilitation workshop that we held in March, with participants travelling from the USA and all over the UK to attend. While it was great to spend time face to face with people over two days, we’ve been wondering how we can provide a programme that:

  • doesn’t need any travel,
  • supports people over a longer period of time: months not days,
  • people can gave access to experts to ask the questions that come up,
  • gives members of the group a chance to get to know each other,
  • holds each person accountable to everyone else,
  • allows everyone to learn from and with each other.

Of course, like anything that Lucidus Consulting or Making Projects Work do, it would need to be really engaging and interesting.

We think we’ve got it. Have a look at our new Virtual Risk Facilitation Programme and sign up to try it out!

We’ll be working on Module 1 from 17th September for two weeks and you’re invited to join us as our guest, to try it out and see if the whole programme will work for you. You can sign up now here.

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