Congratulations Dr Murray Webster, and Farewell!

by Penny on 11th September 2014

This is a post which I’m writing with mixed emotions. You’ll see why as you read further.

Firstly, I’m delighted to announce that Ruth has now obtained her executive doctorate DBA from the University of Cranfield. The title of her thesis was “What does it take for organizations to change themselves? The influences on the internal dynamics of organizational routines undergoing planned change”. Yet again, my friend and colleague has shown impressive ability, tenacity and focus to obtain her doctorate part-time in less than six years, whilst continuing to write books and run a successful consultancy business. She’s impressive, isn’t she?

Secondly, I’d like to congratulate Dr Ruth Murray Webster on her new appointment from 8th September 2014 as Director, Risk in the Boardroom for KPMG LLP. I’m sure that she’ll do a marvellous job and make a huge impact to clients around the globe. At the same time, this exciting new venture for Ruth means that she’s no longer able to provide risk facilitation support through the programmes of this site. I’m going to miss working together with Ruth but I know that the content and inspiration she’s provided through our book and the videos that we created together will continue to be very useful to many. (Note: I’ve closed our virtual programme for new participants until it will be relaunched in 2015 as a result of Ruth’s move)

Thanks Ruth – it’s been a fun journey with you over the years. All the best for your future from all of us involved in Risk Facilitation and from me, Penny


The benefit of starting with objectives

by Ruth on 31st January 2014

As you’ll see from our book and other work – the first and most essential part of any risk management process is to work out ‘how much risk you can tolerate’.

And to do this you need to be really clear about objectives – what matters? – what is at risk?

This may sound really easy and obvious (it is in theory) but it can be the most tricky area to facilitate.  This is because, right from the start of the process, you need to engage the most senior leaders for the business area and help them to be clear about their objectives, how they will measure results for each objective, and what range of outcomes would they be prepared to tolerate.

Facilitating this step needs careful thought – how best to engage those people and help them set direction?

Ruth has been working with a global employer of more than 70,000 staff to help their senior team set the direction for risk management in the rest of the company.  It’s not always a quick process, but when it’s done the benefits are huge – risk identification, evaluation and management are all focused on ‘what matters the most’.

If you have questions, Penny and I would be really happy to hear them.





Ruth receives a top award for her risk management work

November 6, 2013

Earlier this week, Ruth and I attended a black tie Awards ceremony in central London. Why? The Association for Project Management (APM) has given Ruth an honourary fellowship, which is a top award for outstanding achievement. They specifically mentioned her contribution to risk management, which of course includes the work that this blog relates to. [...]

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We’re in the Cutter IT Journal’s Risk Special

September 7, 2012

Over the summer, the Cutter Consortium published an edition of their IT Journal focused on fixing Enterprise Risk Management, ‘Fixing ERM: From IT Security to Human Behavior’. Ruth and I were delighted to contribute a piece on how we feel that risk facilitation is a key part of the solution in making risk management work. [...]

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Facilitating Risk Management face-to-face

August 29, 2012

In March, a group of people travelled to Nottingham to join in our Facilitating Risk Management open workshop. We had people from the USA, from Scotland and from all over England. They were from huge multinationals, an Olympic Sports body and a small consultancy. What they shared was that they wanted to develop their skills [...]

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Developing excellent risk facilitators

August 29, 2012

Ruth and I (Penny) have an exciting challenge ahead this autumn. We’re about to launch a group programme to support those who need to facilitate risk in their organisations. We’re building on the successful Risk Facilitation workshop that we held in March, with participants travelling from the USA and all over the UK to attend. [...]

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-04-01

April 1, 2012

#ff our ace coauthors @LucidRuth and @PennyPullan who did a fab job last week on their workshop. #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-03-18

March 18, 2012

Penny gave a copy of our book away tonight at "Tricky Projects and Sticky Change". #

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Guess where we found a superb venue for ‘Facilitating Risk Management’?

January 24, 2012

Ruth and I visited a range of venues for our Facilitating Risk Management workshop on 21-22nd March a few days ago. Although it was a cold day, the inside of this almost brand new hotel was warm and inviting. We’re delighted to have found such a stunning building for our first Facilitating Risk workshop of [...]

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Making Risk Management Work in Oxford, UK

December 12, 2011

Penny was in Oxford on 1st December, presenting on ‘Making Risk Management Work’ to a large group of project managers. The group included risk managers from a huge range of industries, including defence, mining, power generation, mobile telephony, local government and more. We even had some post-graduates from Warwick University, researching into different aspects of [...]

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