Facilitating Risk Management face-to-face

by Penny on 29th August 2012

In March, a group of people travelled to Nottingham to join in our Facilitating Risk Management open workshop. We had people from the USA, from Scotland and from all over England. They were from huge multinationals, an Olympic Sports body and a small consultancy. What they shared was that they wanted to develop their skills at effectively managing the risk process.

How did it go? Well, rather than us tell you how wonderful it was, why not look at what happened and read what some of them have written?

Carin Ruth, Penny and Jai

I now feel more prepared as it cleared up a lot of questions and confusion. What went well for me? The pace, the tools, the risk discussions, the techniques, the resources – it was great. I absolutely recommend this workshop – risk and facilitation combined. Awesome job, Penny and Ruth. Thank you.
Carin Hunter, Project Management Trainer, Pharmaceutical Multinational

Virtual Facilitation practice

It clarified many things about both risk management and facilitation. I learnt loads. Before the course I was worried about people finding [risk management meetings] boring and tedious. Now I have many more ideas about how to make things interesting and high tempo. Very useful! I recommend this workshop.
Louise Roberts, Head of Corporate Planning and Standards at a British Olympic Sport

Tablecloth of ideas

This course helps you to step back from what you do now. Before coming, I felt OK about facilitating risk management although I’d mainly focused on identification. Having a go was good. I would recommend this workshop to others.
Suzanne Adams, Risk Professional, Aerospace Multinational

Penny and Ruth with some participants

I thought I knew about facilitation but I didn’t! Now there are many ways that I want to implement. I would recommend this to others.
Jai Mahadeshwar, Senior Risk Advisor, Mining Multinational

Black out goggles

I wanted the course to last ten times longer! It covered both risk methodology and facilitation. I used to feel stuck with a laptop and a spreadsheet but now I have the tools (with some good planning time). I recommend this course as it will change the way you think.
Marianne Andrews, Operational Risk Consultant, Tyneholm Associates Limited.

What’s even better is that we had a professional video camera and lighting crew with us for part of the workshop, so we have some footage that we can use for our upcoming Facilitating Risk Online Programme. More on that later…

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